Линор Кикнадзе

Linor Kiknadze was born in Kazakhstan, grew up in Israel, spent three beautiful years in Chicago and currently lives in London. Linor holds a Graduate Degree in Economics and spent over 10 years doing empirical research in Economics in academic and private sector settings. As a researcher she was always fascinated by the Economics of Human Development and its relationship to inequality and social mobility. She has a particular interest in interventions that improve cognitive and non-cognitive skills of disadvantaged children so they have better social and economic outcomes as adults. In addition to engaging in research on this subject, Linor spent the past few years studying the methods that would be effective in improving cognition and emotional well being.
She will share one of these methods with us on Limmuds’ conference.


Super brain yoga

Superbrain Yoga reveals an ancient Indian technique to maximize the brain’s function. It is a simple exercise that increases brain power to improve memory, concentration, focus, and emotional balance. It is beneficial for both adults and children, and is especially recommended for those diagnosed with autism and ADD/ADHD.
In the first part of the masterclass we will discuss in detail the theory behind the Superbrain Yoga and the empirical research to support the benefits. In the second part of the masterclass we will exercise together.

8:00 – 8:50
зал Franz Kafka