Леонид Кил

Leonid Kil joined UK based investment company Diagram Capital LTD in January 2019, serving as the Managing Director. With more than 25 years of wealth management experience, Leonid Kil also up to that time oversaw Latvia’s largest private banks since 2006. Before moving to assume the reins of the CEO in asset management and brokerage companies, he had to first make his way up the ranks of the business.
After graduating from the Riga Technical University, Leonid Kil went on to complete his MSc in Business Administration at the Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration University. He started his career working at Rietumu Banka for 12 years, where he headed international assignments with subsidiary financial companies in Latvia, Russia, and Cyprus.


Socially Responsible Investments

Managing Director of UK based investment company Diagram Capital LTD and with more than 25 years of wealth management experience, Leonid Kil shows the importance of “What does socially responsible investment mean?” Increasingly, money managers and institutional investors across the world are evaluating their investments in stocks, bonds, private equity and other vehicles on (ESG) Environmental, Social and Governance factors. Many individual investors and institutions want to make sure that the enterprises in which they invest do not fund practices that run counter to their personal or organizational values. Are we talking about green energy or climate changes? What is not considered socially responsible? Avoiding to invest in businesses perceived to have a negative social effects on society, such as alcohol, tobacco, fast food, gambling? Are you a socially responsible investor? Through this keynote speech, Leonid Kil will discuss a growing number of options for investors to put their money where their hearts, as well as their minds, are. Leonid Kil encourages investors to do what they can to support the growth of investing that helps us stay consistent within ourselves, and helps change the world around us in positive ways. Join us to talk about and discuss motivations for and the future of socially responsible investing.

16:15 – 17:15
зал Franz Kafka