Бернард Мюледер

Bernhard Mühleder is a pedagogical employee at the concentration camp memorials Mauthause and Gusen. He was brought up in this region and is working on different projects concerning the research and teaching of regional history during NS times.


In the Shadow – The Gusen Concentration Camp

The Gusen concentration camp and the underground construction of the “Bergkristall” tunnel system with a focus on Jewish prisoners. The Gusen concentration camp as well as the tunnel system have recently been a big topic in the media (documentaries, etc..) in Austria and Germany as well as Poland. Additionally, Gusen is also a part of the program of the new coalition government according to which Gusen should receive more attention as a memorial site.
The Gusen concentration camp was located about 4 km from the Mauthausen concentration camp (forming the Mauthausen — Gusen Concentration Camp System). At certain points in time it was bigger (in terms of prisoner numbers) than Mauthausen but following the years after the liberation in early May of 1945, commemoration was centered around Mauthausen.

14:45 – 15:45
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