Менаше Хаимов

Manashe is an Adjunct Professor in Jewish Studies, with a specialty in History and Culture of the Bukharian Jews at Queens College. He is the Director of Community Engagement and Development at Queens College Hillel.
Was born in a city along the Silk Road, in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, where his ancestors lived for over 2000 years. Manashe is a fourth generation community organizer who is founding director of the Bukharian Jewish Union, the founder of the only online Bukharian dictionary AskBobo.org, and the founder of The Jewish Silk Road Tours ™ walking tours in NYC. Manashe has presented on the history of the Bukharian Jews at numerous conferences in the United States (Limmud NY, Limmud FSU USA), Canada (Limmud FSU Toronto), Uzbekistan, Russia, and this past summer did a speaking tour at Limmud South Africa.


Who are Bukharian Jews?

We will explore important parts of Bukharian Jewish culture, the Bukharian language (also known as Judeo-Tajik or Bukhori), life cycle events and traditional clothing. We will look at fascinating artifacts and traditional clothing from the Bukharian Jewish Heritage Museum and talk about their importance and the differences that they have from the local community in Uzbekistan.

16:00 – 17:00
зал Gustav Mahler